pet proofing

7 tips to pet proof your home!

Pet proofing tips for your home! Bringing a pet home means a lot of responsibility. It’s like bringing home a newborn baby. They’re teething, they’re naughty and to top it off they’re really, really curious! So that means, chewed up shoes, torn rugs, spoiled furniture and a whole lot of other damages! But here’s all […]


Meet Machli, The World’s Most Famous Tiger

Godrej India Culture Lab at Vikhroli is screening an incredible film Meet Machli, the World’s Most Famous Tiger made by S Nallamuthu on this Saturday, May 19 at 11.30 am.  About Machli – The World’s Most Famous Tiger: Machli was the world’s most photographed tiger. Catch her enthralling story on the big screen and get your kids along. Machli lived to an […]

Paw Paradise Goregaon

Paw Paradise to the Rescue!

Paw Paradise Goregaon is the haven for your pets when you’re holidaying without them! It’s that time of the year when schools and colleges go on a break and you finally decide to go on that well deserved vacation yourself. While the whole family decides to travel together, sometimes it’s not feasible to travel with […]


6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Keep your pets cool this summer. The temperatures soar to a whopping 40 degrees in Mumbai now. The heat is not only taking a toll on you but also on your beloved pets. Unlike hoomans, pets can only sweat through their paw pads and by panting. You obviously can’t keep them in air-conditioned quarters 24×7. Here […]

Barker's Dozen

Treat Your Pets with Barker’s Dozen pet goodies

Barker’s Dozen makes special pet-friendly treats so you’re pooches can have their cakes and eat them too! What is Barker’s Dozen? Barker’s Dozen started in Mumbai in 2016. It makes an assortment of vegan, vegetarian and non- vegetarian treats, cakes and meals for dogs and cats. Their standard menu includes chicken treats, fish jerky, beetroot […]

ram mandir station painting FFMA

At Ram Mandir station: Be Your Own #Hero

On Independence Day, Ram Mandir station witnessed a unique event of its own. Foundation For Mumbai’s Animals (FFMA) painted the station with the aim to create awareness and invoke compassion for animals in people’s hearts. What is FFMA? If you’re in awe of the beautiful painting at Ram Mandir station and are wondering whose handiwork […]

GHP Weekend: Not without your pet!

The world seems to be puckering up and gearing for some coochie-coos. How about some coochie with your poochie? And any other species beyond the realm of the homo sapiens? There are enough and more people whom I know to love animals, whether pet or not, more than human beings around them. Pet owners are […]