world tiger day

World Tiger Day | What you need to know

World Tiger Day: Interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about these big cats International tiger day was first observed on 29th July 2010 in Russia at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. Since then, on this day every year, World Tiger Day aims to create awareness about conservation of tigers. A number of illegal human activities […]

events in goregaon

Meet Nature’s Wing Men : Aarey Dairy Butterfly Garden

The Aarey Dairy Butterfly Garden is nothing short of a biodiversity treasure. Here’s why it is important for us to stand up and take notice of it. And to know why conserving butterflies is so essential to our ecosystem. Emerging from its little cocoon, spreading its wings and taking flight, butterflies have a journey like […]

housing society rules for pets

Housing Society Rights for Pets

Your pet has rights too! GHP gives you a lowdown of housing society rights every pet parent must be aware of. Pet parents, you may have had neighbours asking you to take your pets down the stairs, not the elevator. There may have been times when you’ve even been stared at or frowned upon if […]

Top 5 monsoon must-haves for pets

Suited Booted: Top 5 Monsoon Must-Haves for Pets

Picture this. You’re enjoying a hot cup of tea with garam bhajiyas. Just then, your bell rings and as your pet comes back from a walk, with muddy paws, wet fur and trails of dirt along the living room. Every pet parent must have experienced this. Taking care of your pets during the monsoon season […]

camping with pets

Go Camping with Pets this Monsoon!

Go camping with pets this monsoon. Summer vacay may have ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. The monsoon has brought about a much- needed break from the heat. It’s time to gear up for those long monsoon treks and cozy camp nights. Go camping with your pets near Mumbai Heart & […]


Stuff Master | India’s Only Taxidermist

India’s last and only Taxidermist. Dr. Santosh Gaikwad, is the keeper of a rare art. He is India’s last and only practitioner of Taxidermy. Taxidermists preserve an animal’s body by stuffing it and giving it a life-like appearance. Dr Gaikwad is a treasure that the whole country is proud of. Taxidermy in India Back in […]

Animals Matter To Me

Do Animals Matter To You?

Volunteer at Animals Matter To Me at Malad west. Be a voice for the voiceless.   As animal lovers we may do our best to help strays in our area, but what happens to the ones that are in need of immediate medical attention or in need of help? That’s where the NGO Animals Matter To […]