About the Blogger

Infopreneur, blogger, writer and sporadic poet: there are many words I use to define my profession. Brought up on a rich and varied diet of books and literature, I took to writing for academic, professional and personal enrichment.

Goregaon Highway Pulse (GHP) is my way of using a personal passion to connect and communicate with others. Being a mother makes you start life with a clean slate, re-visioning every aspect of life. GHP is an attempt to rediscover the numerous facets the area has to offer to people who are here to live, work and enthuse themselves. As much as I enjoy learning of new things, I enjoy sharing about all of them via my blog.

It’s also a medium to tell the rest of the world about our local gems and share information about Goregaon with localites.

I am always open to suggestions, criticism and leads. I don’t, however, appreciate plagiarism of the content on GHP. Anyone is free to use it only after seeking permission and giving full credit to the blog and the blogger, i.e., Goregoan Highway Pulse and Anushree Chatterjee Patni.

As for more about me – food, books, films, music, design and dance remain eternal interests. I find solace in the strains of Nikhil Banerjee’s sitar, prefer children’s colouring books to adult ones and can be caught ordering French fries after dessert!

My writing mirrors my persona and that’s the best way to know me.

Anushree Chatterjee Patni

email: goregaonhighwaypulse@gmail.com

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